Our Law Firm:

We are a small law firm, serving the needs of clients in Colorado Springs and Southern Colorado. Established in 2013 by attorney Derek Freeman, we focus on helping individuals who find themselves in the unfortunate circumstances of being disabled or in financial distress.  The reason for focusing on these areas of the law is because Mr. Freeman has experienced financial hardship himself, prior to entering law practice.  He has not forgotten the stress, uncertainty, and even despair that can accompany such a situation.  He is uniquely qualified to represent people in these situations, because he knows exactly what it is like.  Because we are a small firm, we can focus on the individual needs of each client.  You will not be just a number or a line item on a ledger.  Often times with large law firms, that is unfortunately the result.

Our Philosophy:

At the Freeman Law Group, LLC, we strive to keep our cients well-informed and in the loop.  We understand that our clients are not legal scholars, and may have a lot of questions about their situation.  That's why we  take time to answer any question in a straightforward way.  We keep the "legalese" in the court room, and speak only real English in the office.

As part of our effort to keep clients in the loop, we keep in close contact with each and every client, and let them know how their case is progressing.  Our clients are always our top priority.