Unemployment Representation

If you've recently lost your job, you probably want to file for unemployment benefits.  While this process usually goes without a hitch, sometimes it can be an uphill battle to get the benefits to which you are entitled.  If your former employer disputes your unemployment claim, you may end up going to a hearing.

We represent individuals at unemployment hearings.  If you find yourself having to defend yourself at an unemployment hearing, don't go it alone!  You need an experienced attorney at your side who can argue on your behalf.  It's not enough to say you lost your job through no fault of your own.  You need someone who can make the legal arguments that will persuade the judge that you're right.

Steps to take if you lose your job

The first thing you need to do if you lose your job is to apply for unemployment benefits.  This starts the process.  After you apply, you need to request payment.  Even if your claim is unresolved, you MUST request payment every two weeks, on time.  If you don't make regular payment requests, your claim may be dismissed and you'll have to start over.

Your claim will be assigned to a claim processor, who will look it over, contact your former employer, and attempt to resolve any issues.  If you are contacted by the claim processor, answer his or her questions.  And, of course, keep on requesting payments on time.

If everything goes well, your claim will be processed and all issues will be resolved, and you will begin receiving payments.  However, your claim may be denied.  If this happens, you need to go to a hearing.  It's a good idea to get attorney representation for this.  But in the meantime, keep on requesting payments!  If you don't, you may end up missing payments in the event that you win your case.

Do you need unemployment representation?

We have successfully represented individuals at unemployment hearings, and can help you too.  Call us at (719) 622-6642 for a free consultation, or fill out the form on this page.  The consultation is free.  We understand that funds are tight when you're unemployed, and we keep our fees reasonable.  Contact us today!